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Our Pawtients!

Jacqueline Khoo


I’ve a 16yo Jack Russell. We have been going for acupuncture session at Bluewater Vet Acupuncture for more than a month. He is walking much better now, able to run a little and sleeping well every night since starting acupuncture with Dr Dawn. Prior to starting the treatment here, I’ve tried out various rehab treatment at different places for my dog to help him manage his arthritis pain. We have done acupuncture, laser and ultrasound therapy, electrical therapy(tens) and hydrotherapy at other clinics. The acupuncture done at other clinics were not as good as what we get at Bluewater Vet Acupuncture, I’ve experience needles flying onto me and vet who inserted the needles and left the pet with their assistants and not bother even when the needles fall off. The reason why I decided to change clinics is because I find there is no consistency and many clinics do not have assistants who are properly trained to handle the pets. They usually have 1 vet in those clinics, but you won’t get to see them unless you have acupuncture sessions. At Bluewater Vet Acupuncture you do not have to worry about such things, Dr Dawn is experienced, she explains her plans for your pet very clearly, and answers the questions you have patiently. When handling the animals, she is always so kind and careful. She will give your pet the time to calm down before she starts any treatment. I feel everything they have in the clinic have been put in place to help make the pet feel calm, safe and comfortable. From simple things such as anti-slip mats on the weighing scale and consultation table. For the owners, they have a convenient online booking system for you to make appointment. Unlike other clinics I went to. If you drive to the clinic, the parking is just right in front of the clinic and it’s free parking~ If you finished reading this review, go ahead and book your appointment with them. I took a year to try out other clinics( usually your vet will recommend those more well-known rehab clinics) and realised this was the first Doctor I contacted when I looked back at my message.


Liping Tan

Ms Li Ping.png

Dr Dawn and Dr Nicholas are real animal people. They genuinely care for their fur patients. I am so happy to have found Bluewater vet because they are patient and won't rush thru the acupuncture process. They take their time to allow my cat to relax and create a safe environment which both human and cat and pick up on. And of course most importantly, my cat went from having a wobbly gait to being able to jump up on chairs again! Really, we need more caring and genuine vets like Dr Dawn and Dr Nicholas, and I am very thankful to have such high quality care available for my cat.



Started acupuncture for my poodle with arthritis last year and have noticed significant improvement in his mobility! Limping and raised legs are virtually totally gone!

Jael Ng

Ms Jael.png

Excellent experience here at bluewater vet acupuncture! Very detailed, patient consultations with Dr Nicholas Haw. My chihuahua got better right after the first session (speed of recovery and effectiveness of treatment is subjective though). Reasonable pricing and accessible clinic location (safe drop off spot).

Fr K

We approached Bluewater Vet Acupuncture (Dr Dawn) to help improve our senior cat's mobility using acupuncture. A quick background of our cat's condition. He had chronic pancreatitis, kidney disease, and was paraplegic (brought on by severe appendicular muscle atrophy) in his senior years. Dr Dawn was very methodical in her initial accessment, approach and she was clear in communicating her treatment plan to us. She went above her call of duty and even looked at other aspects of our cat's well-being as well. Much to our surprise, we saw improvement to his mobility after a few sessions. He was able to take a few steps at first, gradually walking longer distances and walking up steps. I'd highly recommend Bluewater Vet Acupuncture and using acupuncture in conjunction with western medication to help your pets out with his/her conditions.

Ee Xuan Ng

My pet has been with Dr Dawn and her amazing team for quite some time. You can tell from how Dr Dawn treats her patients that she loves animals which is what we should always look out for in a vet. Thank you Dr Dawn for being one of the nicest vets in SG! Highly recommend!!


We brought our dog Jocky for acupuncture at Bluewater Vet Acupuncture on 3rd April 2023. This was our first visit at the clinic. Before this, Jocky had been receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr Dawn at our home for more than a year. Jocky is 15 years old this year. He has arthritis and joint problems that cause him to have pain on his legs, and sometimes he limps. After having acupuncture regularly, we can see that Jocky’s condition has improved tremendously. He has no problem walking, running ( especially after food :) ) and can even do low jumps through a hula hoop. That is the reason we have continued to do acupuncture treatment for him, and have also visited Dr Dawn's newly opened clinic. It was a beautiful afternoon when we visited the clinic. Inside the clinic is very bright and cosy. The light essential oil gave the clinic a calm and pleasant smelling ambience. The ivory wall, the rattan lights and the wooden furniture together, created a comfortable and nostalgic feeling. It made us feel very relaxed at the first instance. Dr Dawn brought us to one of the treatment rooms. She made sure that Jocky was resting comfortably before she started doing acupuncture for him. Dr Dawn's acupuncture skills are superb and she is extremely careful and gentle when using the needles. She talked to Jocky and made him feel at ease. Jocky enjoyed the session as usual without any signs of discomfort. After the treatment Jocky was given some lamb tidbits which really made him so happy. Many thanks to Dr Dawn for a great acupuncture session! We will be back again soon!

Melissa Chan 

Furbaby Pepper has been going to Bluewater Acupetture regularly. We see a vast difference in his weak hind legs & is able walk Dr Dawn Wong is very friendly, helpful & professional. Highly recommended.


Reliable, patient and extremely caring are the perfect words to describe Dr Dawn's service. I first heard about her effective treatments from the vet and haven't looked back since. Highly recommended.

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